Arkansas is the Natural State

Richland Creek

Lost Valley

Lost Valley - on the upper Buffalo near Ponca, this trail ends at a cave 1 ½ miles up the valley. Features include waterfalls, a bluff shelter, a natural bridge and abundant spring wildflowers. The cave is about 200 feet long and ends in a large room with a 35 foot waterfall. The first mile of the trail is level and easy going, then it climbs steeply to the cave. The whole trip is about three hours and a self-guiding brochure is available at the trailhead.

Ponca Wilderness

Ponca Wilderness Area: Center Point- a horse and hiking trail descending 1100' from Compton along an old road between Sue Creek and Cliff Hollow to Jim Bluff (4.5 miles) Sneeds Creek - continue down the Centerpoint Trail ½ mile to quiet cascades of Sneeds Creek. Hemmed In Hollow - From the Compton trailhead, take the trail to the left (1.85 miles), which joins trails to Hemmed in Hollow. Closed to horses. Ponca/Steel Creek - The trail begins across the Ponca low water bridge from the parking lot, ascending to the top of Bee Bluff (2.3 miles)


Erbie Trails - All trails are in development. Trail markings are blue diamonds, orange survey tape, or a combination. South river trails include Cherry Grove which is an easy 1 mile walk along old fields and wooded bluffs from the Parker-Hickman Farm to Cherry Grove Cemetery, where some graves are pre-civil war. Extend to 2.5 miles by following the old road back. The other is an easy .4 walk from Erbie Campground to the Parker-Hickman Farm, the oldest existing homestead on the Buffalo. Watch
for deer and elk. North river trails are the Beaver Pond Trail, which begins across from the Erbie Church and goes .5 mile up Cecil Creek and can be extended into a 6.75 mile loop by going on past Jones Cemetery until you connect with the Erbie-Compton road and following the road back to the
church; and Jasper-In-June an easy 1 mile hike to the river following the Erbie road and the old Claggett Farm road from the Erbie Church. Watch for elk.

Ozark / Pruitt

Ozark-Pruitt - A 2 ½ mile trail from Ozark Campground to the Pruitt ranger station. Easy and quiet, this trail is partly along the river and partly through upland forest. It is a superior place for wildflower hunting.

Hemmed in Hollow

Hemmed-In-Hollow. This is best reached from the river and there is a sign visible to floaters. It is slightly more than a mile to the head of the box canyon with its 175 foot waterfall. Non-floating access is by way of a three mile walk from Steel Creek or four miles one-way from the Old Center Point Road off Highway 43, three miles north of Ponca. There is also a shorter, but steeper hike into Hemmed-In-Hollow from Compton on Highway 43.

Pedestal Rocks

Pedestal Rocks - two trails with a 2.2 mile Pedestal Rock Loop and 1.7 mile Kings Bluff Loop. Easy hiking, although there are some steep sections. There are plenty of resting places. Trailhead is off Highway 16 west of Pelsor eight miles. You will see layers of sediment deposited millions of years ago when this area was under a large body of water, great views, and the unique pedestal formations caused by weathering. As wind and water formed the pedestals, they eventually separated from the surrounding rock to stand alone.

Buffalo National River

National Forest parks and Trails

Alum Cove

Alum Cove -In addition to the 1.1 mile trail which includes bluff shelters and a natural bridge, there are excellent picnic facilities with barbecue grills and chemical toilets. Alum Cove Natural Bridge, just .4 mile from the picnic area, is all that remains of what was a quartz sandstone cave. The arch is 130 feet long and 12 feet thick. Weathering formed the opening between the arch and what now appears to be a rock overhang. Early settlers used this arch to move their wagons and livestock across the streambed during wet weather.


Fairview - This area is situated on Arkansas 7 and located north of Pelsor. There are 11 family camping units, vault toilets, drinking water and a picnic area. Camping trailers are allowed. Spring wildflowers and gorgeous fall colors are special features.

Moccasin Gap

Moccasin Gap Horse Trail is located south of Pelsor on Highway 7. There are four major loops totaling 28 miles. Each is marked with its own color-coded signs. Trails on existing Forest Service roads are open to horses, motorized vehicles and mountain bicycles. New trails are closed to ATVs. The horse camp has 17 graveled parking spurs with tether posts and fire rings for cooking. Facilities include municipal water, trash cans and toilets. For more information, contact Bayou Ranger District, 12000 SR 27, Hector, AR 72843, (501) 284-3150.

Rotary Ann

Rotary Ann - A unique roadside rest area 25 miles north of Dover on Highway 7. There are 13 family picnic units and flush toilets. An excellent observation deck offers a spectacular panoramic view of spring and fall colors. There is also an information bulletin board about things to do and see on Arkansas Highway 7 as well as the rest of the Ozark National Forest.

Richland Creek

Richland Creek - East on Highway 16 from Pelsor 10 miles, and north on Forest Service Road 1205 nine miles, this area has a small picturesque mountain stream with waterfalls and bluffs. There are 11 family camping units, vault toilets, drinking water, picnicking, hiking, fishing.

Sam's Throne

Sam's throne - East of Lurton 10 miles or southwest of Mt. Judea, this is a favorite spot for climbers. The remnant of a bluff line forms a giant stool-like formation. In addition to the rock-climbing faces, there is a trail to the top of the formation that most walkers can manage and the view is worth it.